Okay, so last time I said I was going to take a break, I didn't. I like blogging but it is very time consuming, so this time I'm taking a break for real. I might post every now and then, but it depends. Bye!

I made a blog button!

 I don't have much to say, except for the fact that I did in fact make a blog button! I'm gonna figure out how to make an HTML code for it, but until then you can just click on it and save it to your donwloads! Let me know if you want to swap!

A Sneak Peek at My New Stopmotion!

  For the past few days I have been working on this stopmotion called "The Sports Dilemma". It's going to be about two minutes, and I only have one more scene to film, before I can begin editing! Here's the thumbnail: I can't wait to upload this on Saturday!

I changed the blog title!

 Just wanted to say that I changed the blog title so it would match my YouTube name better!

Just let me film!

Okay, so we've been having a heatwave lately, and there's this stopmotion scene I needed to film outside. I decided to film it today, because it's the coolest day of the week.  But just as I was getting ready to film, I realized I had to wash the dishes. Ugh. And then while I in the middle of dressing my dolls, my dad reminded me that I had a math team match in 5 minutes. So I couldn't film.  I got to go now, bye! ~Annabelle

I'm making a movie?!?!

 It's true. I am in fact making an AGSM movie. It's called Best Friends, and it's probably going to be about 7 or 8 minutes long. That's all I'm going to say for now, but be sure to stay tuned, because I will be posting more about it soon! ~Annabelle

Frigid Beauty (An AGPS)

I know, I know. I said I was going to take a break from blogging, yet here I am. Well, there is a good reason.  My family went up to this cabin for a couple of days, while I was there I had time to make a stopmotion (it'll be up on Saturday) and do this little photoshoot! Sorry if the format is weird, btw. I was so excited to take a doll out in the snow! Well, that's everything. This was actually supposed to be part of the stopmotion I made, but then I decided to not use the footage, so I took some of the best photos and put them together. ~Annabelle P.S. I don't know if you can tell, but Elise fell over a couple times and her pants got stained. They're my favorite pair, oops . . .